Avaya IP Office R10+ Voicemail Pro 2 Ports License

This license enables 2 additional VoiceMail Pro ports on an IP Office system. IP Office VoiceMail Pro is a messaging server application that runs on a Windows server PC. It is enabled through the Preferred Edition license which includes the first 4 ports of VoiceMail Pro.


Please Note:
Due to recent system process changes by Avaya, licenses can take longer to generate so please allow up to 3 working days to receive your licenses. These licenses are generated electronically then emailed to you. Avaya licenses are generated against a unique system id number (FL or PLDS Number) and once generated cannot be reversed.

Avaya IP500v2 systems on software Release 10+
The required license for Voicemail Pro server support (Preferred Edition (Voicemail Pro) also enables 4 voicemail ports.

If you are unsure of your exact requirements, please contact us and our team can advise on your best license solution.


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