Avaya IP Office R10 TAPI Wave 4 PLDS

The Avaya IP Office R10 TAPI Wave 4 PLDS – a Software License that enables up to 4 users to stream WAV files. The IP Office TAPI software can be run in two modes: 1st Party or 3rd Party. 1st Party Mode does not require a license and allows individual users to control their phone using a TAPI compliant application on their PC. 3rd Party Mode requires licenses and allows a TAPI application to control calls for any users on the IP Office.


• Applications accessing the IP Office TAPI software in 3rd Party mode can also be used to stream WAV files to users
• Enables up to 4 users to steam WAV files at any time
• Can be used a maximum of 10 times for a total of up to 40 users per system

• Compatible with IP Office R10+

CTILink Pro on the systems

• All systems will need to be upgraded to R11 before these licenses will work on the system

If you are unsure of your exact requirements, please contact us and our team can advise on your best license solution.


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