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Criterion spends a lot of time testing and evaluating the latest products and services and always tests products at our own offices before we decide a product is good enough for us to sell.  This means that not only are you getting a product that works well, it also means that our sales and engineering staff have first-hand experience of the product and can explain its function with absolute clarity. Not only do we test and evaluate all our products we also endeavour to provide the best possible service from installation, maintenance and billing by using the latest technologies available.

We believe that only the people we have worked for can really judge if we are achieving our goals set out above and to this end we would really appreciate your views and request that you complete the Trust Pilot survey below, it only takes 30 seconds and just your name, email address, a star rating 1 to 5 and brief description of what we did for you is required.

Your Reviews will help us gather vital information on our products and services.  This will not only help us improve our products and services, but your reviews will be made live on our website to allow others to know your opinion.

In this age of digital marketing your reviews also help us improve our online presence with companies like Google increasing search engine ratings for companies with good reviews which obviously benefits Criterion by bringing in more online leads and therefore increasing sales opportunities .

When leaving your review please take note that if you do choose to leave a none 5 star review we may contact you to investigate your issues and attempt to resolve any problems you may have had. Your review can also be amended in the future if you believe the review is not accurate.

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